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    8 super fun ideas for unique dates in Perth

    We’ve all been there. There’s the awkward first date at that forgettable cafe down the road, or the monotonous dinner-and-a-movie outings that don’t quite capture the spark. Boring dates aren’t anybody’s idea of fun, which is why it’s about time you took that current or soon-to-be special someone out on a date the both of you will truly enjoy. The good news is Perth is full of hidden gems that’ll knock their socks off, so you have no shortage of things to consider regardless of age, budget or interests. From heading off the beaten track to stepping firmly outside your comfort zone, make your next romantic outing count with these unique date spots and activities in Perth. 

    Ponder the stars at the Perth Observatory

    Just 25km east of Perth lies the oldest observatory in Australia, but don’t let its age give you the wrong impression. This gem is a favourite for anyone from space geeks to those who failed anything science-related at school (guilty), with tonnes of activities including night sky tours, astrophotography lessons and astrology 101. Romantics can adopt a star in the name of a loved one while the more adventurous can even abseil the Lowell Telescope Dome.

    Be old-school cool at the Galaxy Drive-In Cinema

    Strangely enough, the original go-to date for young lovers went out of fashion and managed to swing right back into vogue. Cruise down to the Galaxy Drive-In, grab a hotdog and a milkshake, tune in your radio to the cinema channel and sit back for a flick or two – weekends are double headers – like it’s the good old days. Not only is it cheaper than the regular cinema, it also means you have the option of switching off the stereo and ignoring the film if you and your date are really hitting it off.

    Par-tee it up at Holey Moley 

    If, like us, you feel pressured to pretend mini golf is just for kids and not something you fiercely enjoy – perhaps even a little too much – Holey Moley is changing the game. This neon playground is making putt-putt cool again with yummy cocktails, delicious grub, themed holes and a stack of pop culture references crammed into every inch of the decor. This place was practically made for memorable dates, so get down there and kick some putt!

    Bounce off the walls at a trampoline park

    Trampoline parks are just the kind of thing that make you wonder why you didn’t come up with the idea first. Bounce Inc, Rebound Arena, Flip Out and Latitude are some of the more popular venues in town, each offering their own take on an all-ages indoor playground with countless interconnected trampolines, basketball hoops, dodgeball arenas, foam pits, parkour courses and more. Bouncing, dunking, flipping, launching, running and soaring the day away, you and your date will be giggling like maniacs as you release your inner child across a dream-like sea of springy canvas.

    Frolick your way through a strawberry picking farm

    From August through part of the summer, a host of strawberry farms in Carabooda, Bullsbrook, Anketell, Gnangara and other locations in and around Perth open their gates to the public. Prices vary, but you can pay as little as $6 for a tray that you can fill with a hefty three kilograms of fresh strawberries you pick straight off the plant. The picking itself is a fun activity to do as a pair, not to mention the excellent photo ops, but the real reward is being able to head straight home and gorge on the spoils. Who knows, if your date goes well enough, you might even start feeding them to each other. 

    Catch a free outdoor movie at Northbridge Piazza

    We know this is the second time we’re suggesting a movie after dissing the idea, but catching a flick outdoors is a fun twist on your stock-standard trip to the cinema. From March until May, Northbridge Piazza is a sea of bean bags as a range of films are shown for free on the outdoor screen with classics and new releases on Thursdays and family movies on Saturdays. A bunch of other outdoor cinemas open in summer including Mov’in bed, Moonlight Cinema and Rooftop Movies, so keep an eye out. 

    Catch some laughs at The Comedy Lounge

    Any date that’s filled with laughter is a win in our books, so why not let the professionals dish up some funnies for you and your date? The Comedy Lounge hosts a variety of shows from Thursdays to Saturdays and tickets are often pretty cheap. If you’re with a long-term partner, you’ll already know what will tickle their funny bone; if you’re still getting to know your date, it’s a great chance to get to know their sense of humour. 

    Embrace your inner geek at The Nostalgia Box

    Whether your date is a full-on gaming enthusiastic, a sentimental geek at heart or simply a lover of all things retro, The Nostalgia Box is unbeatable. For just $15 each, take a journey through your childhood as you admire the relics in their museum of gaming consoles and learn the history of the world’s most iconic machine before settling in for a session with your date. Mario Kart, Pac-Man and Space Invaders are just some of the classic titles available – what more do you need?